Forms of Pleasure


Bondassage ® , Elysium, Body slide “dance”

Light, erotic massage, with teasing and denial.

Ready to try something different? Bondassage and Elysium are exciting new massage that use mild restraints, sensory deprivation, and a variety of toys, coupled with sensual manipulation techniques.  With either method you are gently restrained, while your senses are stimulated in ways you have only imagined!

If you thought about exploring your hidden passions and letting go of control, then Bondassage  could be just the instrument of pleasure. Whether you are a novice, or more experienced, I’d be delighted to be your guide on this blissful journey of exploration and titillation.

Bondassage  involves light bondage combined with sensual massage, as a selection of sensually stimulating sounds play through your headphones. Lightly, comfortably restrained, to a bed or massage table, your eyes are covered with a soft blindfold. You will sink deeply into your body, for a mind-blowing experience,  in a place of exquisite enjoyment and indulgence.
Elysium is for sensual massage enthusiasts seeking the ultimate sensory experience, stretching your sensual boundaries and bringing you to new dimensions of pleasure.  Elysium focuses the senses,  alternating soft brush strokes, with caresses, of your most sensitive areas. This ultimate, full body, sensual experience produces waves of supreme relaxation and pleasure. Enjoy a slow, gentle, and softly sensual journey to the edge and back… over and over again. Suspend time. Transcend reality. Experience Elysium.

Full body massages
Body Slide, similar to a Nuru, is a naked, full on body on body massage, performed with warm organic oil , but not as messy as , or sticky as, Nuru Gel and there is less of a cleanup. Just a nice warm shower afterwards to wash off the oil or you can just leave it on your skin to keep it moist.  The oil is very comforting when applied to the skin. Application is over your entire body with a body slide and I give you a  very  erotic, sensual, body to body massage.

 I call my Body Slide a Body dance  “Dancing” and gliding using my whole body, creating an extremely tantalizing, and unique, massage. If you would like a little kink added to the experience, I will add restraints.

Cherishoriley ®