Frequently asked questions

What are your expectations of me, the client?  

Please try your very best to make the appointment, thanks! I am very low volume, and I expect you to keep your commitment, as you expect of me.   Please be freshly showered, not intoxicated, or under the influence of drugs, be groomed nicely, dressed appropriately, and please, minty fresh breath! Also, at our greeting I reserve the right to graciously say “No thank you” for whatever reason I see fit, and I will return your donation and politely say goodbye. This “never” happens, but it is my decision. Of course you too may say the same,  and we will part kindly.

What type of companionship do you offer?

My companionship is based on quality,  not quantity. I do not watch a clock .  I like to help you live your fantasy and so I have listed date packages for my clients.  Your suggestions as always, are gladly welcomed, appreciated, and acted on! My packages can be custom designed and combined, a system comparable to an ‘a la carte’ menu.

What is a body dance (Nuru) ?

Body dance is a  full body to body naked massage, performed using natural oil or Nuru gel, warmed pleasantly, and applied over the whole body. There is a  more  descriptive definition under Forms of Pleasure .   I can also put a twist on it if you want a little kink,  and restrain you with ties, for a really mind blowing experience.

Are you a dominatrix?

I am a sensual Dom. I enjoy tease and denial.  I love telling you how to go about this, and making sure you do it well!  I especially like to be worshipped, and my fetishes met, but I am not into intense pain, disrespect, humiliation or name calling. I also enjoy you letting me take the reins and leading you to a world of different sensations .

What methods of donations do you accept?

Cash, and on a special agreed upon occasion, other methods.

Are you submissive or dominant?

I am both submissive and dominant:  “A switch”.  I will feel the flow and natural current of my date, and will follow this as it develops, always with an open mind, and a smile! I am very playful!

Do you do role playing or fetish?

I am prepared to fulfill most any fetish,  or role playing scenario,  your kinky mind can dream up!  There are only a few requests I won’t accommodate, which are on a case by case basis. Just ask!

How old are you, and are these current and true pictures of you?

The pictures are real, as I am a mature, 55 year young lady. My attributes are 36-24-36, light blonde, naturally curly hair, which I occasionally straighten for a different look, standing 5’6” tall, with an athletic, and fit dancers build, with long, slender legs.

Do you do doubles?

Yes! I will gladly work with another female, yet that too is upon my acceptance, should you “bring” her.

Do you work with couples?

Absolutely! I LOVE couples! and the fee is the same as a single.

Do you have reviews?

Yes I have reviews  both on my review tab & TER link. ( ID# 239386)

What type of wardrobe do you have?

I have a very sexy, classy, youthfully stylish wardrobe, and always appropriate for any occasion! I am very happy to wear whatever your heart desires! I especially love dresses, heels, and stockings, as I am a pure lady, through and through.

What hours are you available for appointments?

Monday through Sunday: 6am – last appt. at 12am. These are hours I am available, yet they might be booked, as I am a low volume, quality over quantity companion. Submission of the secure booking form or  e-mail,  are the best ways to secure an appointment.

What is the best way to contact me for an appointment?

I like to be sent an email first and once we are established as having a date I then will communicate by text or phone so we can get to know each other better. I want to have a connection once we meet so we can feel like long time friends!

Do you have a screening process?

Yes. My screening process requirements are listed on the Contact page . I also have provided a booking form for your convenience.

What erotic massages are you certified in?

I am certified in Elysium and Bondassage. I also practice Nuru massage

Do you do in calls? 

Yes I do in calls with adequate notice, by appointment only,  and when on tour. I stay in upscale hotels, in convenient locations, so I need time to make my reservation. As much time as possible is always appreciated, so to accommodate your time requirements.

How do you determine times in your appointment packages?

My appointments are time frames and not specific hours. Each activity has a certain amount of leeway and satisfaction is the determining factor.  Each package is extendable, depending on your needs and wants, which, of course, will change the donation accordingly. My minimum is 90 minutes.

Are you willing to travel?

Yes! I travel on tours throughout the United States and have a passport for International travel. I can design a package based on your needs and wants. You can even request me to come to your location.

How much notice do you need for an appointment?

24 hours is what I prefer.  There are circumstances where less notice is easily appropriate. Please try to give me as much notice  as possible. A massage does not  require as much advance notice as a package date.  Note any combo packages would need more notice.

As a client how should I prepare for our rendezvous? 

Please be comfortable and relaxed, ready to meet me in a lobby, cafe, bar, lounge, or public place.  Your safety, and mine, is of utmost importance to me . Discretion is always assured, and if you need to meet at a different location from where you are staying , that can also be arranged.

Can you design a package for a tour to my home town?

I can schedule travel to anywhere on Earth. Both with you or to meet you. Inquire for specifically designed packages!

What should I expect when we meet at our determined acquaintance spot?

A discreet, well-dressed lady, fully prepared to meet your requests,  and expectations.  You will soon feel relaxed, and we’ll enjoy broad topics of conversation, that will quickly put you at ease.  You will feel very Cherished!

Will you come straight to my hotel room? 

I like to meet all my gentleman face to face, as  I do not go straight to your room.  I am not that kind of companion.  I do not do quickies, as they say, because I spend quality time with you.  Discretion is of utmost importance to me.

      Cherish O’Riley ®