Etiquette and Rules Of Engagement

I look forward to our time together and creating an extremely pleasurable experience. Please read the following ahead of time, so we can relax, and enjoy each other, once we meet. If you are looking for a shorter visit, then I am not the kind of companion that suits your tastes. I will not rush the time I spend with you.

When we greet for the first time for our date, I like to meet,  and spend time with an introduction, perhaps coffee, or refreshment, in the cafe or lounge, where we can get acquainted.  I love eye contact and drawing in your smile with some friendly conversation.  Please provide your donation,  when we first meet,  by handing it to me discreetly thanks.  If you need special discretion in our first meeting, that too can be arranged at a mutually agreeable location.

Hygiene: Please be clean, showered, well groomed,  teeth brushed, hair combed and appropriately dressed. Please remember excessive drinking, or drugs, does not make for an enjoyable date.  Need to relax? Leave that to me!

Music is always a nice touch,  I actually love to dance, television…. not so much.

Reviews: If you enjoyed being with me and wish to write a review about your experience,  it is always appreciated.  I never ask you for this; it is completely optional.  All I ask is you please be truthful and accurate. Thanks!

Follow up: I love to stay in touch so feel free to contact me, follow my twitter, send an e-mail, or a short phone call! That would be lovely! Please feel free to contact me whether you are in town, coming to town, or would like to invite me to your town!

Kisses and well wishes,
Cherish O’Riley ®u15-1-15b